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Image by Gyorgy Szemok

Patents are a core asset protecting novel developments and improvements in a vast array of technological disciplines. Patents establish for those individuals who conceived of an invention an exclusive right to use and exploit that invention. This exclusive right may be used to prevent others from making or selling a patented product.

Generally, patents may be obtained for inventions involving a new function, a new design, or a new plant species. Patents are granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as patent offices in many foreign countries.

The formal process for pursuing a patent begins with the preparation of a patent application, which describes the invention in detail, and filing the application in one or more patent offices throughout the world. The patent application is then reviewed by personnel at the respective patent offices to determine whether the invention as described in the application is indeed unique in view of what others have done in the past.

The patent attorneys at Haugen Law Firm PLLP have broad experience in obtaining patents on behalf of their clients. Haugen Law Firm patent expertise spans a variety of technologies, such as medical devices, materials science, analytical equipment, automotive suspension systems, computer systems, and general mechanical devices. Haugen Law Firm clients range from large, multi-national corporations to individual inventors.

The attorneys at Haugen Law Firm PLLP welcome the opportunity to meet with new clients to discuss their intellectual property protection needs. It is the policy of Haugen Law Firm PLLP to conduct an initial consultation with new clients free of charge.

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