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Image by Oleg Laptev

Copyrights protect original works of creativity, including, for example, computer programs, web pages, literary works, musical works, pictorial works, dramatic works, three-dimensional art works, sound recordings, motion pictures and other audio-visual works, and architectural works. Copyright registrations may be obtained from the United States Copyright Office. The United States Copyright Act provides copyright owners the exclusive right to control the reproduction, distribution, performance, and display of the work, as well as the preparation of derivatives of the protected work.

Under the Berne Convention, a creative work that has been registered in the United States Copyright Office is enforceable in many foreign countries without further registration. Therefore, a United States copyright registration may be used to protect a work from unauthorized imitation in the United States and in many foreign countries.

Haugen Law Firm attorneys are experienced in assisting clients obtain, maintain, and enforce copyright registrations. Haugen Law Firm advises its clients in how to best protect their valuable creations.

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